Platform dash movement problem[Fixed[

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  • Hey guys!

    I'm new to Construct and been fooling around with it for a couple days now and got stuck with making my character dash I've been searching the forums, youtube, and tutorials and I'm still confused..

    What I've tried. (The motion blur is for me just to see the dash in-action).

    <img src="">

    Anyways, what I tried to do was when the player holds down the dash button, the character would be able to dash for around 1 second. Once that 1 second is up, the player will have to wait 2 seconds in order to dash again. Also when the player lets go of the dash button before the times up, the player still has to wait 2 seconds.

    I've been at it for 2-3hours just trying to get the dashing to work. + It's late at night. Any ideas?

    EDIT: I fixed the timing and when the character dashes, but there's still 1 problem I'm not sure how to solve. When the character is dashing the floor speed stays the same instead of increasing. Here's a pic of what I got atm.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention I'm using the platform behavior.

    <img src="">

    EDIT: Oh, I'm so stupid I just realized that my crouching events were overriding my dash movement.

    -When player is on ground and key down arrow is down.

    *Set player animation to crouching

    *Set player jump strength to 0

    *Set player floor speed to 0


    *Set player jump strength to 350 and floor speed to 300

  • Ahm.. =X

    I Wanna use dash in my game. But I having problems with this too.

    This your new version is working? =X

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  • Ops... this is construct classic... I just looking for do it em C2 =(

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