Platform bug: Forever Falling

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  • So I was testing Silver's game and noticed that I kept falling through the floor for some reason. So I decided to make a quick platform example and see if I could replicate the problem:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    ^^^ Here I'm just jumping around.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    ^^^ Here I fall through the platform.

    All the default platform behavior settings are on, with the exception of the "Allow Down Button" which I have unchecked in the Platform Behavior. The platform is a solid.

    The fall through doesn't happen immediately. You have to jump around and double jump around constantly for a few minutes, and eventually you'll fall through.

    Here is a .cap so you can check it out:

    P.S. Hit spacebar to jump.

  • Also, I find that if you jump high into the air and off-screen you tend to cause the fall through problem to happen more regularly.

  • One more problem; if you create an overhead platform and have your character jump up into it and keep bumping it over and over, eventually the character will pass through the platform and wind up on top of it.

  • See I tried this and never fell through. I also played Silver's game at least a few times and explored while I played it too and never encountered this.

    Just to make sure I made my own test with Platform behavior and also couldn't get this to happen.

    Are you using a different version of Construct? I have r2 installed.

  • Hi Crow,

    Yep, I'm using CC 2.0 also.

  • Tried again and still can't do it. I realized though that which version of Construct you have shouldn't matter because Silver's game was a .exe

    It's been a while since I had to install Construct from scratch... did it require you to install some sort of redistributable C++ thing?

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  • You're talking about the MS Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable. It probably did, but I already had it on my Hard drive anyway from using prior Construct Classic versions.

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