Platform Behaviour Jolty on slope?

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  • How could one go abouts moving a sprite along a 15 degree or so slope using the platformer behaviour without it vibrating badly? Using a Circluar sprite with perpixle collision on a slope with bounding box collision iirc. Thanks in advance <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • Not sure if you're using tiled background for the slope, but if not then the Angled box collision mode works for Sprites.

    Not sure how to make them smooth though, you may need to edit the collision mask of the player sprite to round the bottom edge of it if you go for a non-circular collision object/player graphic.

  • You can use angled box for tiled background? Didn't know that, will be useful!

    The collision for the circular sprite is perpixle, so the bottoms are rounded off :P I'm not quite sure why it's jaggedy whilst moving along a slope, I thought at first it was the sprite moves and doesn't stick to the ground and is actually floating and falling a bit, but I realised that isn't the case since you can go at immense speeds and it remains stuck to the ground.

    Not sure what to do about this :(

  • Sorry Jase00, I said it in a confusing way. Only sprites have angled box I believe.

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