Platform behavior's edge wonkiness

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  • The problem I'm having is when the player jumps up over a corner while hugging the wall beneath, the platform behavior propels it up a few pixels. It also happens when hugging a wall and hitting a lower corner, the player gets flung down ever so slightly.

    Normally this probably wouldn't be much of a problem, but I'm working on a very small scale. My player sprite is 8 x 8 and the camera is locked on it and zoomed in quite a bit, so the sudden jerk is very noticeable (and a little too helpful for the player :P).

    So, any ideas for how I could counteract this built-in behavior? Maybe there are more options to edit it than I'm aware of? I was thinking about narrowing my player box and adding some side padding around it that does its own wall collision stuff, but maybe there's a really simple way.

    I hope I don't have to build my own custom movement, because I just got all the settings to just the balance I want. Also it's a pain. And I'm lazy. D:

  • Are you using a hitbox for your player or do you just have Platform movement set to your player with per-pixel collision?

    Also, it would be easier to see what's going wrong if you posted a .cap.

  • My player right now is a non-animated box, so it's not a problem with shape changing.

    Here's the .cap:

    Z is jump. The first platform is a good place to test this, just jump to the top while holding right and you'll probably see the jerky motion I'm talking about.

  • At first I couldn't tell what you're talking about because it was running perfectly fine for me. Then I opened it in 0.99.62 and yeah, I see what you mean. Rest assured this is fixed in a future build. I'm using the 0.99.83 Platform runtime and it works fine.

    You can safely continue working on your game in the knowledge that it will behas been fixed. Keep in mind that something else might break between .62 and .8x, so upgrading to 0.99.82 now is probably a good idea.

  • Yeah, with 99.82 there are several things about the platform movement that don't work anymore, I can barely control it. Sigh.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I can't confirm 82's weirdness because I don't have vanilla 82 installed and I don't want to go through the hassle of installing a second copy, but it seems to work fine for me in the 83 runtime if that's any consolation v<img src="">v

    There were a lot platform fixes in 99.7 that affected acceleration, speed, jumping, sustain, and whatnot so you may just need to recalibrate your speed and gravity settings in the newer build. Yeah, I know it's a pain having to do that again, but it's better than not having bugs fixed

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  • They're not changes that just alter stuff like jumping and acceleration, a lot of parts just seem broken. If you jump while not standing still, you just barely leave the ground. If you're running left and start turning right, the deceleration is horribly low, but in every other circumstance (including the mirrored version of this), it's fine. There are some times when jumping off of an edge causes you to slowly float up for a little while.

    Maybe I could sort of mask some of these problems by altering my settings, but since it's so inconsistent, I'm probably better off building my own custom movement. Especially if it's less likely to drastically change from version to version.

  • From .83 and on it's not likely at all to change drastically. I would just continue to work in .62 for now, and when .83 comes out you should be able to port it over without much hassle.

    Of course you're free to make your own custom movement if you want, I'm just saying you probably won't have to.

  • Having just run his game, I can confirm that in .82 if you jump while standing still you get the full height jump, but if you are moving left or right when you jump you appear to hit a glass ceiling about 2 or 3 pixels above his head.

    Very odd.


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