Platform Behavior question - can't animate jump?

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  • Just a quick question,

    With the 'Platform Behavior' behavior, is there something hard-coded

    in that which stops an animation being played while the character is


    Because no matter what I can't seem to get it to play the animation

    while the character is leaping upwards, however when it's considered

    to be in the 'falling' state per the platform behavior variables,

    the animation will play.

    I have no pause action anywhere, I've tried both resume and play

    actions when the character has jumped, however none of them work,

    even though the character's animation will start playing when falling

    back to the ground.

    Is there some way to fix this so that the animation doesn't stop?

    Or am I the only one getting this problem?

  • The main problems with animation are-

    -Your triggers are wrong/events in general- double check they are not being constantly set etc.

    -The animation is not set to loop. Or the other various animation options, looping to the wrong frame, speed too high, speed too low.

    If you cannot find the issue post a cap and I will take a look at it for you.

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  • Thanks very much for your time in responding Steven.

    It seems for some reason I'm incapable of finding a solution to the problems

    I have that can actually be solved in construct, without posting a topic

    on the forums 5 minutes before hand and embarrassing myself =_=;;;

    It ended up being a needlessly silly wrong event setup, because of some

    overlooked confusion.

    I had the resume/play actions under the 'is jumping' event, and I only

    just now discovered/realized/found the problem. I remembered somewhere

    somehow finding out about how even though the events are written as

    'resume current animation' and 'play current animation', if an animation

    is already playing, it will cause that to pause.

    And so because there wasn't a 'trigger once' condition, it was looping

    the resume/pause of the animation and never made any progress until

    it was falling.

    Fixing it with a 'trigger once' has got it working cleanly now.

  • sparkfeather

    The fact that you posted your solution means it could be helpful to other users who may have similar problems.

    Nice one :)

  • Ahh yeah heh, hadn't thought of it like that, thanks :)

    Hopefully it does come in handy for someone ^^

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