Platform Behavior + Physics Behavior!

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  • Hi everyone!

    Iam creating second topic of my problem.

    So, here it is:

    1. Create a player with platform.

    2. Crate some floor.

    3. Create some boxes with physics.

    Now I need this:

    0:00 - 0:10

    This is my .cap file:

    I need to be that boxes pushable - interacting between player and boxes.

    It must be possible, becouse that video is from Construct.

    If there inst anyway, the platformer behavior on player can be script, i dont mind on that.

    Just need to move player, jump and push boxes etc.


  • omg, anyone? are u lazy to help me?

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  • Please stop pushing your own thread every few minutes!

    And stop creating several threads to the same problem, just because there wasn't an answer to your likings in the first one!

    This is from your other thread:

    "Im messing with it 2 hours without result ."

    So you stopped working on this issue after 2 hours and since then just waited to get your problem solved by others? Lucid already gave you some hints, btw.

    Provide your cap, that could motivate people to help, because I don't think anyone has the time to setup a complete mixed physics/platform engine for you...

  • edited, cap posted... please help

  • Oh my god! Iam an idiot! Soooo big idiot!

    THANK YOU, that is all I wanted. So many thanks!

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