Is There Platform Behavior Issues?

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  • ello I'm new to these parts. I'm new to Construct, and I'm surprised on how simplistic this all looks, but I've got a small but very annoying issue here. I believe the platform behavior is broken or something's wrong with it. I followed this tutorial on YouTube here:

    I would attach my cap files here, but I don't see some attaching button anywhere so... I'll just explain word for word.

    At first I used Construct Classic r1.2. I watched that YouTube tutorial and copied every single thing he did. Well... almost everything. I used my own set of sprites, but I don't believe that caused the issue. By the time it went to the part of actually testing platform behavior. I made the platform, made it solid like the video did, and ran the layout. For some baffling reason, my character fel through the platform. At first I thought my platform was so thin, so I changed it. My character fell through anyway.

    So then I looked around seeing if there was a bug with CC r1.2. I read somewhere that platform behavior had issues, so then I went to getting CC r2 instead.

    It didn't let me use my previous test cap; kept giving me the "APPBLOCK" (1813) error, so I made a new one. Then it doesn't let me run it anyway; giving my that very same error. I'm kinda baffled that the simpleness of platform collision is preventing me to move forward..., so does anyone know what's happening?

  • Welcome to the forums! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    First I'd suggest grabbing my examples kit, it probably has some examples of platform movement as well as other things I've made, from here:

    Secondly, R2 is the right version to use, R1.2 is the last "official" release, while R2 has some fixes.

    Not sure why it falls through, did you set solid to the floor, or just the player?

    Also, try running R2 as an administrator, and make sure your DirectX 9 is updated (search DirectX Web Setup from Microsoft), and maybe try installing Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime 2008 (also free)

  • Don't use DirectX Web Setup, use this -

    For your .cap files - create (free) account on, you can drop your stuff here and give us links.

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  • Strange... Something screwed up again. It's not platform behavior now, but for some reason I still get the "APPBLOCK" error while I run some of your example files Jay. More specifically the Rotate World, and the Light and Shadows .cap files. I tried Bone Man and Health Bars .cap initially and those worked okay, until I ran them again after the first two mentioned.

    Also, I ran CC as an administrator before I did all this, and apparently I already had MS Visual C++ runtime '08 and have DirectX 11. Is DirectX 11 a problem? If that's so then that's odd and suck-ish. I sorta need it for some of the games I play on this PC.

  • No, but DirectX9 and DirectX 11 are different versions (kind of like MacOSX and older versions).

    You can install DirectX9 over top of DirectX 11 and they will both exist.

    As for running as an administrator, that was usually the fix for me, but otherwise you should try exporting your game to a full exe to run it. It sucks, but I remember that was a potential fix.

    Are you running Windows Vista? That's the OS I've often seen bugs like "APPBLOCK" and etc from Construct Classic on. For some reason I always found Vista to mess up with CC games and editor... <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'm using Windows 7, but seems like exporting to exe makes it run perfectly, which is weird. Though, I'll take that over the "APPBLOCK" brick wall I guess.

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