Pixel-perfection & Time Delta?

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  • I am currently making a game in MMF2, but I am considering porting it over to Construct. Construct just seems...better, I guess, and hopefully is less riddled with the innumerable "quirks" of MMF.

    So, I was checking out the Wiki, and came across the "Time Delta" entry. I would certainly like for my game to not have graphic tears and skips and so forth and so on (also I would like to use the Time Scaling feature), but the last paragraph had me a bit worried because my game is a so-called "low-resolution pixel-drawn retro game" which needs pixel-perfect collisions. It will have some pretty fast scrolling going on as well (think Canabalt for reference).

    Does this mean that I have to choose between pixel-perfect collisions and reduced display quality? Are there any settings or coding practices that are more suited to "retro pixel" stuff? Is there any way of using Time Delta and mantaining pixel-perfect collisions?

    Sorry if that's a lot all at once, I'm just struggling to wrap my head around this...

  • Most of the built in behaviors such as platform movement are surprisingly flexible, and I believe most area lready pixel perfect, and they all definitely use time delta

    If none of them suit your needs however, you can use custom movement, which allows you to create your own pixel perfect timedelta aligned movement. And to be clear, yes, including for super high speed movement

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  • Ok, that sounds good, thanks! The movement isn't complicated at all, it just has to be pixel perfect, so one of the built in ones should probably do the job. I just have to overcome the violent urges that MMF has instilled in me (and others, I'm sure) when hearing the words "Built in movement".

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