Pixel-drawing errors in size and seaming

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  • Hi. I've been working on a game for some time, and starting yesteray I've been experiencing problems with drawing graphics. For some reson pixels become skewed, tile seaming is off, and sometimes the size of certain objects will display differently in-game from how they appear in the editor.

    Allow me to show some examples:

    This is a project I started just now. Notice how the looped tile mosaic is displayed differently in-game from how it looks in the editor.

    <img src="http://junk.drule.net/pixeloff.png">

    Here is the cap for you all to play around with: http://junk.drule.net/grutch.cap

    Here is a screenshot displaying some major visual bugs:

    <img src="http://junk.drule.net/suckit.png">

    And another one displaying how the windows get cut off (it flickers, which is why it wasn't visible in the previous image):

    <img src="http://junk.drule.net/windows.png">

    Normally I run games at 200 zoom on a 640x480 resolution with the Advanced Camera Plugin to create a retro-styled art direction, but I've tried running it using regular, built-in layer zooming, as well as with no zooming at all (such as the very first example image in this thread) and the problems still remains.

    Ashley suggested I update my graphic drivers, so I did yesterday, but nothing has improved. I'm still experiencing these problems, and I have no idea why.

    Do you?

  • PixelRebirth told me that the reason why the first example bugs out is because the bottom tile has a non-pow2 size which doesn't work well with Construct, but the problem still applies to my other game.

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  • <img src="http://www.scirra.com/glitch.png">

    This is exactly what bad drivers or graphics card errors look like, see the diagonal artefacts? Until those go away, I'm afraid I'm convinced there's something wrong with the rendering on your computer - not a Construct issue.

  • Well, that makes sense, but what about the window seaming? Didn't you have that glitch on your computer as well when testing my game?

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