Pitch/Yaw/Roll controls for Sprite?

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  • The title says it all... Does anyone know how to achieve Sprite rotation similar to Pitch/Yaw/Roll for 3DBoxes or 3DObjects? I can do it by transforming Distort Points, but it's very inefficient to transform every single point...

    Alternatively, how difficult would it be to implement such functionality in Sprites? And would anyone be willing to do it?

    I've reached a point in my project where performance is adversely affected by unnecessarily transforming a crapload of Distort Points. I've decided to seek help here before deciding to cut down on detail.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • You could use the 3dObject and change the textures with the texture Setter plugin and see if you get better performance with that.

  • I'm actually using 3DObjects as well, for different parts of the project. The problem is that I need to dynamically alter the shape of the Sprite as a whole, but only at object init. Think of it as randomly generated terrain.

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