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  • Hello!

    I did some testing and playing around after long break from using Construct. The stability has really gotten better! Great job, Ashley and other devs! There was still few random crashes. I tried to reproduce them, but without success. One happened sometimes when closing construct, one had something to do with layer toolbar and one happened when opening/closing projects. I assume that the object bar and layer/object toolbar will still improve? Animations and picture editor need some work and there was some families bugs there... But still, Construct has improved a lot!

    Okay, then to the point. I encountered a runtime crash with container and light objects, so after reporting the bug I tried some workarounds to get one light object per one active object -combinations.

    There was two light objects, the other's UID was 78 so I made event

    Light: 9 Unique ID is 78

    LightSet position to object Sprite 0 (image point 0)[/code:1lzwacsx]

    But the light object didn't position to the Sprite. I tried the same with using ordinary sprites, and it didn't still work. I tested also with For each loop:

    System: 3 For each Light 0 
    Light: 9 Unique ID is 78

    LightSet position to object Sprite 0 (image point 0)


    No success. Is there a bug in picking by UID or am I doing something wrong?

    P.S. Another question! I have a sprite with bullet behaviour. Is there a way to rotate the sprite without affecting the actual moving direction of the behaviour? So that only the texture rotates.

    P.P.S. And yet another. When rotating a whole layer, is there a way to get sprites' co-ordinates relative to a non-rotated layer? (Without calculating them yourself with trigonometric funtions)

  • Kr-hm... bump.

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  • Maybe the layout editor's reported UID is different to what happens at runtime... I'll try check that out at some point...

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