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  • Hello. I'm working on a custom movement engine that will have multiplayer incorporated into it. I'm having an issue with choosing the right object when needed. Right now there are 2 of the same sprite called "player". Each has a private variable called "player". One has Player = 1, the other has Player = 2. The engine has many sensors which detect wall collisions, slopes, floor and ceiling. I got those to correctly attach to the right "player" object by checking if their "player" variable is = to the player object's variable. I'm having trouble with picking the correct player object to set X and Y speeds to. I have an input object that also wants to be linked through a "player" variable. I can correctly get the input object to link to the player object by checking the player variable but I can't seem to figure out how to single out the player object I want to move. If I move one player object, they both move because the engine is setting the X and Y speeds for both of them. How can I loop through the correct player object to get it to move correctly based on what is controlling it? I plan to have 4 player objects work under the same movement engine but I can't seem to figure out a way to make it choose the right one to move. Can any one of you help me? I would greatly appreciate it.

    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54897686/Events1.jpg" border="0" />

    This is the event that I want to cycle through each character. I want them to all have separate X and Y speeds. Would I have to copy this 4 times or is there a way to loop through this to get it to only correspond to the individual characters?

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  • First of all, the default behaviours handle multiple players. So that is an option.

    Otherwise, try using a 'for each object' event instead of an 'always'

  • I'm not interested in the default behaviors. They don't do what I want them to. Here's the cap so someone can take a look. I stripped it of any extra dealings I tried to change in order to get it to work. Its the engine without trying to implement multiplayer. The events to control X and Y speed as well as sensor placing is in the "Motion Management" group in the player code event sheet.


  • I second the suggestion about using For Each Object instead of always

  • You guys might wanna actually check out the cap before you go making suggestions. It's a pure event-driven system that utilizes quite a few sensors.

    For reference, I'm gonna toss up my own version of that cap that's a WIP of trying to implement individual working players, complete with picking. My method for picking may not be entirely sound, however, though it does seem to work on my end.


  • Thanks Lucid and Steven. I did use a "for each" and it seemed to work well but I had to do much more to it than just that. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.

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