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  • I have set up a ladder climbing system for the platform behaviour, which basically switches to 2-directional (up/down) movement whenever you trigger ladder climbing. Which objects you can climb are determined by a custom "Climbable" attribute.

    I want to snap the player object to the center of the ladder, but I cannot seem to find any way to pick the ladder object I'm interacting with so that I can retrieve its X value. Is there no way to do this in Construct?

  • Check if the player and the ladder are overlapping eachother, that will pick the right instance of the ladder.

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  • It seems like there is no way to pick an object based on its attributes rather than object type, but I guess it's not a problem -- I can just use a specific object that can be climbed and make it invisible, while having a tiled background object on top for graphics.

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