How to pick a object created in script

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  • I create a object in script, and I want to modify some value in the object instance I just create, but I don't know how to do it, could someone tell me what to do? Thanks.

    PS: I'm not from a contry which speak English, so please forgive me if I say something wrong. =w=

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  • Hmm, do you mean in events or in actual Python script? In events it works like this:

    [your event conditions ] -> Create object "Sprite1" or whatever it is

    Any actions after this will be only applied to the newly created object:


    [your event conditions ]

    -> Create object "Sprite1"

    -> "Sprite1" set private variable "Health" to "100"

    -> "Sprite1" set X to "300"

    -> "Sprite1" set Y to "200"

    This will put the newly created sprite at 300,200 position and give it 100 health private variable (or whatever variables you give it).

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