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  • Firstly,

    When using the physics movement for a block, it basically just falls through the ground I've created and that can be run on by the player sprite (that uses the platformer behavior). Any help as to why this might be would be appreciated as I suppose I could make an event for it, but I feel like that's weird to see.

    P.S. The block has been set to solid/not solid and that didn't fix it.

    P.S.S. Sorry if this was asked before, but I couldn't find it.

    e: second issue was jsut a bad condition.

  • For a physics object to interact with another one, that object also needs the physics behaviour.

    So you need to add the physics behaviour to your ground object and set it as immovable so that it's not affected by gravity.

  • Well, that solved it, but it seems like physics are really weird at the moment for me. Having a block fall on another block has it shoot up into the sky (if it falls on a corner). It's pretty strange.

  • Do you mean one physics block colliding with another physics block?

    Without more info or a .cap it's hard to tell what wrong. But if it's one physics object and one without physics it's going to be weird since physics works with forces, rather than just moving the object on a pixel-pixel basis. So if you want to interact with it you'll have to use the physics behaviours actions, like set force/velocity. Anything else screws with the physics calculations.

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  • Physics does seem to "play nice" with other behaviors. Why not post your cap so we can see?

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