Physics and direction help ( Problem Solved)

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  • Ok, here's the issue.

    I have it so when 'W' is down the sprite moves at 500 force towards mousex and mousey.

    The problem is, that when it does it, from then on it attains this default position of looking exactly to the right, and wont go back to its previous position no matter what unless i restart, which doesn't fix it. it does follow the mouse however, it just doesn't look at the mouse, in fact it doesn't pivot at all after i press 'w'

    im just starting to play with physics so there may be a few things i need to learn or is this a bug?

    thanks in advance.

    • Also, forgot to add, i have 2 flames attahced to the back of the sprite, these are separate entities, however they still follow the mouse..


    Thanks to Glamthaus for the help.

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