physics on canvas not work?

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  • my tank physics and hinges.

    Destructible terrain made ??canvas

    culide but my tank help!

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  • No offense, but with those 14 words you won't get much help, if any.

    I know how difficult it can be to write in english, when you're from a country with another language (I come from germany, for example)

    Most of the people with english as their native language don't mind a few mistakes. But this is just not understandable. You should use a translator better than google, or find a friend who can help with describing the problem.

    Also, provide a cap showing the issue. It helps a lot more than a description.

  • Physics by definition does not work on pixel information. it uses collision polygons, so regardless of what you do to the graphic, the object with physics applied will have the same collision polygon as it had intially.

    you'll need to write code that modifies the polygon (there are actions to do this) or write your own physics engine thatll work with pixel data.

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