Physics bug?

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  • This is pretty weird, I just enlarged my layout to 20000x15000, and after I walk a certain distance from the corner, all physics objects freeze in the air the moment they're created.

    It's like some invisible border that disables any physics objects created beyond it.

    I'd post an example, but my .cap will be hard to strip down..

    Anyone else experiencing something similiar?

  • I think i reported this some time before xmas. It's not a bug. The physics engine has a world-size that you can't change. I don't remember if they where going to do anything about it though..

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  • Yeah, there's a fixed world size limit. I think changing the world X/Y scale might increase/decrease the boundary...

  • Ashley, is that something we can do on our end or something you'll experiment with for future versions?

    just out of curiousity, why was this limitation put in place?

  • Another annoying physics bug: Set force seems to work like add force. My object accelerates with it.

  • If you continually set a force, the object accelerates, according to F=ma. That's normal - you stop applying a force when you want the object to stop accelerating.

    I didn't want to enforce a fixed limit, but Newton imposes its own world size limit. The limit I came up with was arbitrary. It's a few thousand pixels in each axis at least.

  • So as it is now, it's pretty much impossible to use physics in scrolling games?

  • Depends on if your definition of impossible relies on a 20000 width layout. I guess .

    Chipmunk physics may not have this limit, so it may be gone in future.

  • Well, it gets disabled after only about 2000 or so pixels so it's kinda crippling in that regard

    Luckily I didn't integrate physics TOO much into my game yet.. it was just kind of disappointing to finally start building a level and then suddenly find out I can't use physics anymore.

    Ah well, maybe it's for the best. I'll try to work around it..

  • Ah really? Didn't realise it was as low as 2000. Guess that needs changing somehow.

  • 2000? Oh wow, my game just got impossible to make.

  • I think it's about 4100px in each direction actually. The old Phys-Box used a 4000x2000 layout, and worked fine.

  • It's possible to do workarounds by splitting the level into many parts, but this is absolutely one of the big drawbacks on this physics-engin

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