Physics behaviour in Python ScriptEditor(Construct r1.2)

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  • Hi,

    I'm new to Construct and using Construct r1.2.

    I have 2 instances of Wheel object with Physics behaviour and 1 instance of Body object with Physics too, and here is what i want to do:

    1- I want to change the torque of one wheel from a Python script.

    2- I want to create a hinge between a wheel and the body from a Python script too.

    In the script editor only "Wheel" is detected. I found on the Wiki that i should write ObjectnameBehaviourname. What should i write to access the Physics behaviour or any other behaviour in general?

    Note: using the UI of the event sheet it works fine for me but i want to use Python scripting


    i found this tool that gives the correct syntax

    it is very useful!

    So i have to write: WheelPhysics[index].HingeToObject(...)

    But i wonder, why the scripteditor does not detect such syntax?? does it need a fix?

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  • But i wonder, why the scripteditor does not detect such syntax?? does it need a fix?

    Yes, a fix is definitely needed. Python integration has gotten a lot better in the last few releases pretty much all due to ROJOhound, but yes it could be better.

  • I agree the script editor could use some improvement in that area. Ideally the editor should show everything that is available at runtime. This will be attention eventually, but there's a few other issues that merit a higher priority at this time.

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