Physics behaviour objects stuck when too far from layout

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  • Hi everyone! This is my first time posting... and I must say I�m really happy to have learned about this program and to be able to use it.

    I�m trying to make a game using a lot of physics behaviour on objects. It�s set on infinite space... and everything works perfectly except when the these objects reach a certain limit/border. They get stuck somewhere around 5000 to 10,000 pixels away from the layout.

    I�m not sure if there�s a way around this. The main player has physics behaviour also, and gets stuck too when reaching this invisible border.

    I tried taking away the physics behaviour out of the main player and some objects... they seem unaffected by this problem. seems to be a physics behaviour issue.

    Is there a way around this or am I on the wrong track? I've searched for similar posts but couldn�t find any on the search bar.

    I�d really appreciate the help!

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  • There is a world size limit I can tweak for the next build. unfortunately, the version of box2d construct uses does not have the option for a limitless world. It might be possible if you're already doing some specialized stuff most likely to get infinite space, to pull a trick where you move all objects back to a closer part of the layout when you approach it, or destroy objects when they reach a certain distance, and recreate them when you get close enough with your ship that you will shift the world back to the origin

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