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  • Hello,

    My goal is to have a ball slide on the ground, in fact, and not bounce, or bounce a bit, then roll/slide.

    1) When I apply "ball" behaviour, it works, but with too many bounces. Is there a way of controlling this?

    2) When I apply just "physics" behaviour, it falls, but won't interact (collide) with walls and other objects. This is true whether the "ball" behaviour is applied or not.

    I must be doing something wrong. Any ideas?

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  • You could use:

    + MouseKeyboard: On key Right arrow pressed

    -> ball: Add force (ball[Physics].VelocityX+240, ball[Physics].VelocityY-240)

    + MouseKeyboard: On key Left arrow pressed

    -> ball: Add force (ball[Physics].VelocityX-240, ball[Physics].VelocityY-240)

    1, If your ball is using 'Physics', you need to apply the same behaviour to the floor(and/or walls)...or they wont collide.

    2, Also set the floor to 'Imovable' to stop it moving.

    3, If your getting too much bounce, just playaround with the values.

    Example cap

    Good luck

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