Physic Behavior Basics

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  • Hello,

    I want make this:

    When i Click, then a sprite spawns (changes position to mouse). [DONE]

    That sprite is solid. [DONE]

    That sprite have physics behavior and gravity checked. [DONE]

    There is ground sprite (platform) which is solid. [DONE]

    When I run the game, spawned sprite will appear, then falls down, but not stops at the ground.

    Just falls down & down & down.....


    That Collision Mask or whatever is that, is set to Box thing.

  • Tried this too:

    (That last cap file)

    Same thing happens

  • I think you have to add physics behaviour to the ground object and select 'immovable'.

  • Thanks! It works correctly!

    Now I Got next problem:

    When I move object with mouse (left click moves the object to MOUSE X & Y) and

    my character is on it (used default movement behavior) it will trasnfer the object AND the character.

    I need only to move the object, not the character.

    So if I click, object moves & the character will fall down.

  • Do you use drag and drop behavior?

    Can you post a cap? Its kinda hard to figure what you mean :

    My guess is the charracter needs physics behavior too...

  • Here you go:

    Just click and wait till the purple object falls down. Then jump with green box on it. Now click somewhere.. Box purple with box green teleported together... i just want make the green box fall down

  • Ok i see

    I don't know if it's the best way, but i'd do it like this :

    + MouseKeyboard: On Left mouse button Clicked
               -> Sprite3: Destroy
               -> System: Create object Sprite3 on layer 1 at (MouseX, MouseY)[/code:pzg7w1fp]
    You can check the attribute "destroy at startup" on Sprite3.
    If you want to spawn multiple objects, just remove the destroy line.
  • Thanks, it works! I like you, sir!

    This forum is so good!

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  • Next problem here :/ (wish to be last):

    I want to make my ball character (like that box green, but a green ball) to push the box which i spawn.

    It is possible to make it?

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