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  • I want to make a possibility of time travel layouts where you can change time at will and the position and everything else stay there/detroyed if you change trough layouts, this means the player immedietly appears in that position of the layout from where he teleported from the present, kind of like Sonic CD, is this possible in Construct and how? so far I have never seen this and I have a game idea with using something like this (except this one is shifting between the real world and the demon world for a horror game I have in mind)

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  • If I understand what you're looking for correctly, you want to change between levels that are functionally very similar (just different "time periods"). In which case, it shouldn't be terribly difficult, depending on what you have in mind.

    Consider making certain objects global, for one thing. That way you aren't losing access to important information when you change layouts. (Actually, this solves about 80% of the problems I can think of, from my understanding of your idea)

    You'll probably end up swapping around a lot of variables at runtime, each time you time travel, so that you sync up equivalent objects from each time period. Other than being a tedious bit of scripting, there's no reason that should be especially challenging.

    Does this answer your question at all?

    Good luck!

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