Permanent triggers/triggered events.

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  • I don't know what they are exactly called but what I mean is

    1) Defeating a boss and returning to the boss select screen will make that boss button darker/locked (you can still enter in it but when you get to the boss room you just end the mission, like in the megaman games)

    2) Defeating a boss and returning to the same room (different then above) in a one-big-level game will not re-trigger the same boss fight (metroid-esque games and maybe RPG games as well)

    3) the boss cannot be fought at the moment (altough you can enter it's room, the boss may be not in the room or it's static like it's egg is not hatched) and you have to visit the room later before you fight it (you know, get an item or something before you can trigger it)

    Are these possible on Construct and if so what should I search for to get/find/read the tutorials or examples about advanced use triggers/variables.

  • You can use global variables to carry information over layouts.

  • And you can save the info in an external file like an ini if you wan't those things remembered between sessions.

    All those things you've mentioned simply require flags to decide the state of the boss battles etc, like Boss1= 0-not yet 1-battle 2-done, and simply act on that flag when you enter the room.


  • So flags will be remembered if you go to another layout and go back to the layout right? or to trigger an event from another layout, I'l give this a try then.

  • As long as you have the global variable set. then yes it will persist after leaving the layout.

  • Thanks for the answer but now I have another question about requirements to play games made by Construct.

    Do games created by Construct require a powerful gaming computer to run? does it require to support DX9 to play?

    This is not for me tough because my comp is powerful but this is merely for others so I'l know what are the requirements if I export my game to the public, if they have a computer that doesn't support DX9 will the game just gives them an error and they won't be able to play it?

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  • Old computers can run it, as long as they have DX-9 compliant cards and Windows XP SP2.

  • Oh I see, so for the ones without a DX9 support they won't be able to run it at all? or Construct automatically turns the DX9 effects off for computers without DX9 support?

    That is all.

  • When you start a new project, you have a choice between DirectX 9 and Application runtime. DX9 runtime requires DX9, unfortunately. But DX9 is quite widespread already - it came out in 2002.

    Well, Construct does require the latest DX9 iteration - the 9.0 c (bimonthly release). Well, not the latest, just August 2008 one I think?

    In any case, they may need to update DX9 and they can play the game just fine. Theoretically.

  • Oh OK, Thanks for answering

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