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  • What's the best way to pause all the action and have a menu pop up that can be controlled with the arrow keys (which are the same keys the player uses to control the character)?

    I had it just setting the game's speed to 0, which works for a really simple pause function, but that affects everything, which means no menu.

    And if I make a whole new layout for the pause menu that means I have to save the state of the level and then re-load it, and it means I can't have the level in the background of the pause menu.

    Help me out?

  • I believe I have exactly what you need. Hold on for a few moments while I prepare and upload the .cap.

  • Here you go:

    -You can move the 2 frame animated block around the screen with the arrow keys.

    -When you press spacebar, the block's animation stops and the arrow keys can no longer move the block around.

    -Once paused, the arrow keys will only control the pause menu.

    -Press spacebar again to exit back to gameplay.

    -There is XBOX 360 control support in there as well.

    Note: There is a tiny bug where if you stop on item 2 and exit, then try to pause again, you'll have to tap the pause key (spacebar) twice. This doesn't happen with the 360 controller. It's a minor thing that you'll probably figure out why it's doing that by examining the event codes. I'll look deeper into it when I get a chance.

    Note 2: The event code is a beast and there may be simpler ways to do this :-) Just giving you a fair warning.

  • Thanks! This should help a lot. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Wait, my version of Construct Classic is up to date, but when I try to open the .cap it says it's from a newer version of CC.

  • That's very weird, Mongoose. I'm using 2.0.

    Can anyone else whose downloaded it tell us if they've experience this issue?

  • Mine says it's 1.2 and that's what I got from this site. When it said it was from a newer version, I went and re-downloaded and it was still 1.2.

    Is 2.0 listed somewhere else?

  • This should be where to get CC 2.0

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  • Hey Mongoose,

    So how did you make out with this?

  • Hey Mr miller jsut curious have you found out how to do this in C2 yet.

  • Hi, Dragonblade.

    Sorry, I didn't see your post before for some reason... I'm not too deep into C2 yet, but from my little tinkerings with C2 I get the impression that the event code for this may be similar. Of course, I'd hope it's not nearly as complex :-)

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