Pause game, display multiple choice popup with images

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  • Hi everybody!

    I'd like to do the following, but I haven't figured out how yet:

    • when the player runs out of ammo, the game pauses
    • a pop-up appears, the player must answer a question to get more ammo
    • he has to choose an answer based on a picture.
    • when he validates his choice, the game resumes.

    As there are several questions, i want to do it dynamically so i can iterate on an array or something and the questions and images displayed in the box are updated. For the moment, I can use the array object very effectiveley to store and retrieve the text.

    Here's what i tried so far:

    • using the List and ImageList objects to display the choices : problem i cant get the list to display my images.

    So if you have any ideas, please leave a note !


  • do you have a cap? this sounds like something that should be easy with variables. you should be able to view images (sprites) easy.

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  • + Ammo equals 0

    Set Timescale to 0 (this pauses the game)

    Pop the dialog box (you'll have to write events for that yourself, normally it is enough to pop a Panel object and draw text on top, with some pictures)

    ++ Answer is correct (condition to check whether the player answered correctly)

    > Set Ammo to 100

    > Set Timescale to 1 (this resumes the game at normal speed)

    > Destroy dialog box (a little cleanup)

    ++ Answer is incorrect

    > Ridicule the player (next time Ammo will still be 0, so another dialog box will appear)

    > Destroy dialog box

    In a nutshell.

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