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  • Hey , I am a new user of construct after leaving MMF2 and got 2 questions :

    1) Is it possible to create a Path Movement for a Sprite similar to MMF2?

    2) I just love to create a game like LocoRoco however there is a limitation which is Soft Body physics , Is this possible in Construct?


  • Funnily enough both these questions have already been asked, by me! Do a search.

    Pathfinding: Apparently Ashley is going to add the ability to get info on the cell squares used by the pathfinding engine, so it should make grid movements possible.

    Softbody physics: Requires polygons and being able to manipulate vertex points at runtime. This may happen, but only in the future after version 1 is released.

  • There isn't a path object on the to do list, perhaps you could recommend one.

    As for blob physics, I tried making one with hinges and points but it's not currently something that Construct can do easily. So oddly enough Ashley has said that he's going to see about implementing a "create blob" action.

  • If i get you right you aren't asking for "pathfinding" aka, finding the best way from one point to another with a bunch of obstackles in the way. You're talking about the "path-movement" aka, making an object follow a specific path. I can't answer your question, but i can clearify for those who can.. or fail miserabely in my attempts to look smart.

  • Yes this is what I truly meant to make a object follow a specific path which I draw , Its avaliable in the MMF movements .

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  • There isn't any path movement in Construct yet - added to todo list.

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