Pasting a sprite to a canvas or background?

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  • Hi.

    I'm new to construct and so far I like it alot, great job! I've made a few games in MMF together with a friend of mine and we're considering making a sequel to one of them using construct. However, there is one feature in MMF that I haven't found in construct: The ability to paste objects into the background. I know there's a canvas object but it won't let me paste objects into it, only draw rectangles, lines and points (which is great, of course). Is it possible at all in construct at this point? If it itsn't, consider this a feature request <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" />

  • I think it's currently impossible, since Construct doesn't have "background" where paste to. Maybe there sould be a feature to paste images of objects into the Canvas object?

  • Why not make a background layer and place everything you need there?

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  • I could add an action to paste a sprite to a canvas. The only other way to leave an object behind is to create a new instance of the object. Construct doesn't use a canvas for the background layer because it tends to waste memory (a 10000x10000 layout with a background canvas would use 300mb and you get in to all kinds of technical restrictions with what video cards actually support that).

    If you keep pasting hundreds of objects eventually the runtime will slow down, so you might need a system to clean up created objects too.

  • That'd be great (the paste-into-canvas-action)! Would it be possible to paste the sprite as it's currently displayed on-screen (i.e. maybe scaled/rotated/using various shaders) or only in its "default" state? In MMF, if you paste a semitransparent object into the background it pastes it as it would look if it was completely opaque and I think if you rotate an object and then paste it will paste the non-rotated version.

    About cleaning up objects: Wouldn't just pasting the sprite and then destroying it work?

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