Particles Object & Physics Behavior

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  • Can i make particles launched by Particles Object obey the rules of Physics Behavior?

    Actually i wanted to make something like a radar/sonar, so particles will just bounce off the walls and other objects.

    Damn, first post. I'm completely new to Construct.

  • Nope.

    But you can fake it by making your own physics particle spray. Just spawn lots of small physics objects. Just be aware that lots of physics collisions at once are CPU intensive.

  • I wouldn't do that if I were you, running physics on an object can be very CPU intensive, so the last thing you want is hundreds of tiny objects running physics. Physics works best with as few larger objects as possible.

  • Hummm I just did that :s

    I want a particle emitter with a certain bitmap shape, a certain color ramp (multipoint) and a certain opacity ramp (multipoint) AND a certain SIZE ramp (multipoint too). Also, randomization of emission time (and random angle and speed, which are already in the particle behavior)

    Easiest way to have it fall realistically was to give it physics... I turned off the collision mask, would that still make it slow?

    Btw will we be able to resize physics objects later? or will it still be a problem? :s right now it makes construct crash (I'm piling up them bug reports!)

  • I've resized physics objects before with no crashing

    it didn't work when I tried it just now though

    I guess it's pretty touchy

    anyway, for now though if you don't mind the collision mask thing

    you can have a non physics object follow it around

    here's an example with some random emission stuffs

    and growing particles with physics

    you can store the current color filter for each sprite in a private variable and you could do the color ramp as well

    btw, if it runs super slow on your system, cut down the fade out time on the sprites, it should make it run better

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  • Its a bug, and not a bug at the same time. I think whats happening is when you change the sprites size it affects collision detection for the whole world. So changing the size of the sprite should not be allowed, for this particular engine. Also, remember that all crashes are bugs.

  • If you resize physics objects, it shouldn't crash... but, what it will do is mess up the collision mask for the object as the mask is created at startup. I asked for this to be corrected at one point, but apparantly it's not really do-able because of the way physics works.


  • Report any crash please!

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