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  • Hello,

    Iam starting developer of games, which converted from Unity3D to Scirra's Construct.

    I preform developing a sidescroller game with unique logic system, so I am asking you guys this:

    First see this:

    1. Look at the ball

    2. Particle effect of the ball

    Iam messing with that all day long. I don't need that texture, but the particle's options.

    How that guy made the particle "following" angle direction of that ball? (not following the ball)

    I have only particle, which is like spray. From one texture to others - like triangle.

    I need to know how to simply make the particle rectangle or ballish.

  • Omg

    Here is how I have solved my problem:

    Simply resize the particle in Layer Editor.

    That's all what I wanted.

    Epic Fail for me

  • It's ok, because my 1st try in construct was like 100% the same as this video...

    THAT is an epic fail lol

    Didn't see this vid before though... nvm.

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  • What is happening in that game is the particles are spawning with a very low speed/random speed value. When the ball is moved it leaves a trail of static particles.

    Play with the particle object. You can come up with all sorts of things with it. Changing speeds and spray cones and sizes and colours. It is a very useful tool.

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