Particles and Containers

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  • I am simulating a spotlight using particles. the particles spread at a 10degree angle, and are contained within a container together with a sprite that is 1x1 pixel in size.

    The 1x1 sprite is used to trace a path in the world, and every time it collides with anything, particles are generated using the one shot method.


    1) the system deletes the particle automatically once the one-shot is complete done, which in turn deletes my 1x1 sprite. This is not the behavior I desire.

    2) I need a way to delete the particles associated with a given emitter at any time. The idea is that I would have my 1x1 sprite and the particles moving at the same speed, when the 1x1 sprite collides with anything, I will delete the old particles and spawn a new one-shot emitter in the new direction.

    Unfortunately, I have not been able to delete any generated particles. This must also be done in a way that leaves the emitter in tact, so the 1x1 sprite stays alive

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • Might try taking off the container, and use the object pairer.

    Could also try the timer behavior.

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  • Well thats a good start, how about the part where I need to delete the particles? Is there a way around that?

  • One shot means the particle will self destroy when its finished.

    If you don't want to spawn a new one each time you could just enable/ disable it instead.

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