Paint Editor (bug?) blurs my Sprites

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  • I opened Construct Classic a while ago and tried importing sprites to my game, but they end up having blurry edges (since my sprites are 8-bit themed it's very noticeable). I went to check my other .cap files and I found out that It also gets blurred when I try to edit an existing sprite.

    It also happens when I use any select tool in the paint editor (it makes the edges blurry and transparent).

    This didn't happen before so there might've been something I did that caused this. I would post a picture but I can't (low rep) so if anyone wants to see a screenshot I'll send a PM. Is there an option I might've toggled? If anyone knows how to fix please tell me. Thanks!

  • Even If you have low rep,you can still post the URL of the using insert image.

    If you have low rep,you can't even send PMs

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  • Here:

    Notice how the sprite in the Picture Editor is blurrier than the one on the layout. I did not edit the sprite when I opened it.

  • It looks like you're 1700% zoomed in? It might be the editor that's linear rendering rather than point, but in the game you've set it to point rendering?

  • In the layout it is set to Point Rendering. Is it possible that the Editor was somehow set to Linear? It's also 1700% zoomed in because the sprite is very small.

  • leolr9 unfortunately I believe the editor is always linear, I've never seen an option to change it.

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