How to order layouts help please!

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  • Hello, i'm new to contruct and I love it!

    I have a question:

    Is it possible to edit the order in wich the layouts run?

    I have made an intro screen wich i want to run before my other layouts.

  • Click and drag the layouts in the project bar!

  • You mean like, with the mouse? What kind of crazy program is this?

  • Click and drag the layouts in the project bar!

    I tried that, but didn't work....

    Then I thought maybe I have to save first,

    so I did. But construct froze, and gave me an error.

    I can't open my file anymore....

    This is the error it gives now:

    "Expecting class CLayer, but recieved CObj"


    "an attempt was made to access an unnamed file past it's end "

    I have made the hole thing again, but still no luck..

    I want to run a layout that i have made ( later ) before my excisting layouts, help?

  • What version of Construct are you using?

  • I'm using version 0.93 Latest i think.

  • Well, there's something buggy going on. I'm able to reorder my layouts without any problems. Hopefully Ashley can help you out.

  • Thanks for the help, hope this can be solved.

    Maybe i'm doing something wrong?

    I've added a link for my cap file.

    I also can order my layouts, but i CANNOT change the order in wich they are run...and that is what i want.

    It just runs the first layout i have made, no matter what!

  • I encountered the same thing back in .92 on Win XP sp2. After a few tries and presenting a virgin sacrifice Construct finally complied.

    I do want to know, however, what happens to to event links to post-arranged layouts. Is it possible to link layouts by name instead of number? That would be incredibly helpful as my own project expands...

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  • Yes, you just put the name in quotes.

    • System: Go to layout "layoutName" with transition "None" lasting 0 MS
  • *kicks self*

    I assumed the default numerical value in the box meant numbers only. D'oh!

  • Any solutions yet? Or is this a bug?


    Had another error:

    I shuffled the layouts a bit, ran all layouts a few times, Removed an event, added same event again.

    Then when i wanted to close construct, i was prompted

    with the question if i wanted to save. I clicked yes

    And contruct crashed. So i control -alt deleted to shutdown contruct because the saving progress didn't progress. And once again I have a corrupt cap file....

    Again this error : "Expecting class CLayer, but recieved CObj"

    Major bug for me....

  • That really sucks. It's weird that some people get all the bugs. I've only had like two corrupt .caps ever, back in .86, and one in .91. Both were fixed, and I didn't really lose any work.

    I never got the family-file bloat bug either. I kinda wish these major bugs were more universal so they were easier to straighten out.

    Great... now I've probably gone and cursed myself.



    That could not have been more perfectly timed. I just got a corrupt and un-openable .cap. It wasn't having to do with layout order, though. Guess I'll make a new thread.

  • The glitch fairy comes when you least expect it.

    Rest assured, Slaughtersoft, that the devs are constantly improving Construct. Right now, it's very very early. Just save your work often to numerically increasing cap files to minimize loss while this and other major bugs are ironed out.

    And don't worry about this becoming buried in the forums. Ashley sees all.

    To be sure, though, submit the bug to the Sourceforge if there isn't already a report for it.

  • Yeah I've had lots of reports of this file save crash, haven't had it myself yet which is annoying but as always, will try to get to the bottom of it!

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