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  • I have 10 layouts i.e. 10 levels. I built 1st lvl - insert new object - tiled background

    How should I make other levels? (say I wanna use same .png's)

    1. go to next lvl and repeat it? load pictures again


    2.copy tiles from 1st layout, switch to 2nd and paste?


    3.same as 2nd only paste clone?

    What would be the difference(memory or cpu usage)?

    I'm asking because, I've got this weird problem (I'm using 2nd method). The 1st lvl is made of about 20 different tiles. There are 4 tiles which are placed on 16th level in Z order, player is on top. When I've put 4 another tiles on 15th, they should be hidden behind the first ones, but only one is behind and others are on top of them. To cover them I must move those first 4 tiles to very top in Z order, but I would like to have them behind the player.

    Are tiles still somehow connected when I copy them from layout to layout. On some levels same tiles are in different Z order

  • Once you have the level looking how you want, order the player to the top of the z order. You could also make separate layers, one for the backgrounds, one for the player.

    Also, using method 2 is a good idea. You can also clone layouts, and then rearrange things within the new ones.

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  • I had to erase all 8 tiles and load them again to get rid of it. Still don't know what caused the problem. Anyway, now it's working normally again

    You can also clone layouts, and then rearrange things within the new ones.

    I didn't know that, good tip. Thanks

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