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  • World in my game is very big... How can I optimize it? Because It is a big problem. Some plugins or arrays?

    I've heard about Grid Tree but I don't know how I can use it...

    PS.To generating world I used array.

  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Portal_rendering

    Hope you made your 'world' external ;)

  • I don't understand how to do it... Maybe an example?

    Or how can I do rendering distance in Construct Classic?

  • Depends, really.

    My game, for example, has multiple "rooms" that collectively make one entire level or area, like in Metroid. Each "room outline" or "camera zone" is loaded at the beginning of the layout. Then, whenever my player enters a new room, the entire level is loaded and everything outside of the current room is destroyed.

    So yeah. Basically it loads small parts of the level one by one, and destroys what is in other rooms, clearing up thousands of objects.

    That's one way to do it atleast..Dunno what to tell you if your world is just one giant open area. Maybe try breaking it up into multiple layouts?

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  • Ok, I understand. Thank for help ;)

    PS. I used multiple layouts :P

  • And if you make objects invisible until you get closer to them? Maybe with some scrollxright/left commands? Doesn't mean invisivle, it won't be rendered?

  • Well, I don't think Construct has a native object deactivation feature (in which objects aren't rendered or their commands processed in certain conditions), but it is possible to make it so that a certain set of events aren't processed until the player is close enough to the object. It's just a bit tedious.

  • if they are off screen they won't be rendered anyway. so the invisibility won't help, you're better off finding a way to destroy them when they are too far away to matter, and recreate them when they are close again

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