Only one button click [solved]

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  • I'm back to ask for assistance!

    This one is pretty simple. I need to be able to bring up a menu on a button click and then close it again with that same button. One example is bringing up a menu with 'escape'. Another is bringing up a message box with 'enter' and then either proceed the message or close the box with another 'enter' press.

    Thing is that this only works if I can press that button insanely fast, or the program will start it all over, and I'm stuck in my menu. The only thing I found on the forum about this was to try inputting "trigger once" as a condition, but this doesn't seem to make any difference for me. Not as a condition, and not as a sub-event.

    I even tried inputting a "wait X ms" before the action is carried out, but that didn't work either!

    There must be some way to work around this?

  • + On esc pressed

    + + if variable 'menu' = 0

    • - open menu code
    • - set variable 'menu' to 1

    + + else

    • - close menu code
    • - set variable 'menu' to 0
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  • You know, suddenly I feel really dumb...

    You see I already used that method one time before, but somehow it completely slipped my mind <_< Thanks for reminding me...

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