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  • I managed to klick away the oh so useful list thingys in the margin (that thing to the left) and now I can't bring it back! I lost the work I've been doing for the past hour by trying to fix it myself and then the program crashed on me!

    How do you fix it? Is the work lost forever even thought i saved it as a *cap and *persist(wich I don't even know what it is, I'm such a n00b) file? It doesn't wanna open. . .

    I'm at a loss and would truly appreciate help on this.

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  • Gahh, I did the same exact thing when I started out! Took me forever to get all of it back. Turns out that you can click the buttons in the Home tab at the top to bring them up again -- the Layout, Project, Properties, Objects, and Animator tabs will all be back where they should be.

    Alternatively, I think deleting the persist file will have the same effect. The Persist file saves settings for you, like where you placed the tabs and such, so everything looks the same when you open up the cap file again. If you delete the persist, everything will go back to its default settings.

    Hopefully one of these will work out fine for you. Don't worry about the mistake -- like I said, I did the same thing.

  • Thanks a lot!! I got the sidethings back! XD

    (though the saved file sorta died. . . I can't get it back it seems) but ahwell stuff happens.

    At least I'll know what to do next time =D

    thanks again!

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