Odd blurring of sprites.

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  • This shows the problem with only one sprite, but others experience the same "blurring."

    These are two screenshots from the same .cap. I ran the layout and took a screenshot, moved the character left/right then took another screenshot.

    <img src="http://img705.imageshack.us/img705/3605/blurc.png">

    Any idea as to what is causing this or how to remedy it?

  • I hate how I came across a solution just now, after I posted this. I'd still like to hear other's solutions though.

    To fix it I just set the position of the sprite to that of the player's main collider (it's alpha = 0 in those pictures) but preceded it with Floor. So basically instead of:

    PlyrBody: Set position to PlyrMainCol.X, PlyrMainCol.Y

    I used:

    PlyrBody: Set position to Floor(PlyrMainCol.X), Floor(PlyrMainCol.Y)

    That solved the issue but I'm curious as to whether there is a better solution.

  • Sub pixel movement? You COULD try setting the sampling to Point in Application Properties if the pixelly look is what you are going for.

    Or work really hard to get pixel/frame perfect movement.

  • Hah, it really is that simple. Thanks!

  • Yep, Construct uses linear filtering (which enables sub-pixel positioning) by default, which can give fine pixel drawings a blurred appearance since lines can be spread over two pixels. Setting it to Point sets it back to "retro" mode for artwork like yours.

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  • Heh, well I don't know that you could call it artwork, moreso placeholder really. I just noticed this early on and wanted to solve it quick.

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