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  • In the project I am working on, I have multiple layers. I do believe all objects in the first layer are set to global. but when in the new layout, to make a preexisting object, i have to go back to my first layout and copy it over (as they're not listed in the objects bar). is there an easier way to do this? or am i missing something? It even seems when i copy/paste the event sheets over they're not working correctly, if at all.

    thanks very much!

  • also, i can and will post the cap if necessary

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  • Ah, that's because the global box only really affects the objects at runtime. When you run the game, the objects will appear, but they don't appear in the editor.

    As for a workaround, you should be able to just copy the map objects (platforms/floors/walls/player spawn points/enemy spawn points) and then include an event sheet for the engine. They will then behave as normal and you don't need to copy and paste as many objects.

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