Objects that i dont want to be part of my layout

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  • I have an Object like bullets that are only to be created dynamicly when shot by a cannon.

    At the moment I need to have at least one instance of those in the layout. I just thinks it looks messy even if its off screen. So can I have it appear only in the Object panel?

  • You can set the object's opacity to 0 and then right click it and lock it. I think you can also hide it via the same menu instead.

  • also, if it's a sprite you can set "destroy on startup"

  • Right click -> hide is meant for exactly this.

  • I am not able to select hide in the context menu. And even if its hidden. I still feel that i would be a bit messy. I guess I would prefer to have zero instances in some way instead of hiding one instance

  • Indeed, the "Hide" is grayed out.

  • Messy? Try programming it from scratch and see how messy it is. Hide is there for a reason. If you still think it's messy, drag it waaaaaay off the side so you will never see it again.


  • Even if I don't see it it i guess it will still be there. That means it will be tested for collisions? And it will influence the instance count. I would so much prefer that Objects in genereal could exist without instances.

    And just moving instances out of site is ugly... when I write program from scratch I never have unused instances.

    But... anyway, ... if its not possible to have objects without instances it would help to be able to hide them

  • No, they won't be tested for collisions. If an object is set to opacity 0 and locked, it's as if it isn't there.. I really don't see the problem .

  • Tick the 'destroy on startup' attribute and it won't be created on startup, and therefore won't contribute to the object count, test collisions, or do anything else. It's necessary to have at least one instance of an object, so Construct knows what properties to assign an object when you create one at runtime.

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  • As a couple of people have already pointed out in this thread, the "Hide" is greyed out in the right-click menu.

    Is this going to be brought back in the next build?

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