Objects arent obeying collisions?

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  • Yet another post, My zombies use the "move to" event to get to places, however when they go towards my player, they don't obey collisions. They are able to go through walls that are marked solid. They don't even collide with themselves.

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  • You can handle the collisions with the "is overlapping" or "on collision" events. You can alternatively use a behavior such as "Ball" or "RTS" to move the enemies, since they handle objects with the solid attribute as solid. The "custom movement" behavior can also be useful as it has actions to push out of other objects among other things.

  • Pushing out has seemed to work the best, however, my characters don't seem to be using path finding when using the 'move to' event, if I use the "add waypoint at" event, then the characters would always have to go to the previous waypoint before moving to the last place that the player was at. Is there any way to make waypoints smoother, or use move to with pathfinding?

    Also, I am using the RTS behavior.

  • Well since you are using RTS your enemies shouldn't go over solid objects. If you created the obstacles with events or moved any of them from there positions from the layout then you will need to run the action "regenerate obstacles map". The action "Set object type to avoid" is used for dynamic objects, but it does not calculate the path around these objects.

  • Thanks! They seem to be working now.

    Also, any way to stop the car behavior from bouncing off of solid objects?

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