Object Folders?

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  • What is the purpose of "Object Folders"?

    Is there anything special you can do with them?

    For example, can you place two different objects with the same name in separate folders, to avoid name space conflicts?

    Just curious, as I can't find much documentation on them.

    One thing I have noticed is that if two different objects have the same name, the "Object List" will only show you one object listed under that name, while the object folder will actually have two distinct objects that share the same name listed.

    You can get two different objects with the same name by copying an object from another .cap file and pasting it into a .cap file containing an object with the same name as the object being pasted. At least it works with "Text" objects. I think you can also get away with renaming objects so that they have the same name if you're using the "Object Folder" view, and that method appears to work on any kind of object.

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