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  • What I want to do is compare the distance between 2 instances of Sprite, and then move them away if they are too close. But I don't know how I can do that, I was thinking I could use "compare" and then use the distance formula but I don't see how it would know which 2 instances to choose from.

    Would line of sight behavour be a good solution: checking if SpriteA has "on LOS to SpirteA"?

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  • Wouldn't overlapping at offset work?

  • You could use the family picking trick for that, I think.

    Put all Sprites into Foo Family. Then do like so:

    + Sprite distance(Sprite.X, Sprite.Y, Foo.X, Foo.Y) is less than whatever
        -> Move Sprite away from Foo

    Wouldn't overlapping at offset work?

    How so?

  • oh newt, cheers for the idea. I tried giving the Sprite a massive detector image that surrounds the object and made it a container, then when that detector overlaps another Sprite it moves it away! yay

    edit: oops didn't see your post deadeye, maybe I should try that method too

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