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  • I'm working on a tactical game and I want to make it so there's an array of units, so I can choose the unit with the highest speed to go first down the line. I tried using the "array paste" feature, but it doesn't seem to really work since changing one object's image changes all of them and I want each character to have a different image. I can't find any documentation anywhere. Any help with this is most appreciated! Thanks!

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  • Array paste pastes copies of an object in a rectangular arrangement. I don't see the relationship with choosing an object in runtime or changing its image, but I'll go on a limb and guess what you are trying to achieve.

    If you want to have different unit types and each with a different maxspeed and be able to choose based on this maxspeed, you might want to:

    -make each unit type a different object, so they can look and behave different from each other.

    -put all of these units in a family, so you can select among them with no distinction.

    -set some common variables to the family, among them maxspeed.

    Then you would pick the family and within that the one with the largest maxspeed variable.

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