For number values, how do you put in "infinity"?

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  • I've tried a bunch of things and they don't work. (I couldn't search for this, and it wasn't in the documentation nor the FAQ).

    So, I'm trying to make something loop infinitely. In the meantime the only thing I can think of is to put in a number so large that it's practically infinite.


  • Your going to have to be a little more specific.

    Without knowing your implementation, there's just no definite answer.

  • I'm running a loop to make a "loading" text change the number of periods, like





    and turn back and change again.

    Along with that, how would you make a loop pause?

    Though it may not be necessary after the loop has a pause between actions (since it's not a long load anyways), for "how many times shall the loop run", is there a way to make it infinite?

    Yeah, it isn't too important, but I may need this information later on.


    (Edit: You know what, I'm not sure why I haven't bothered to pay any attention to the tutorials. Sorry about that, this probably will be the last question I ask that might be covered by them.)

  • I'd say use two private variables, and a timer.

    Something like:


    If you want it to reset after so long do something like this:

    + Text: Value 'period' Equal to "Loading.........."

    -> Text: Set 'period' to "Loading"

  • Ok, that should be helpful. Thanks.

    So, I just put these things as sub-events of an On Loop event, right?


  • An event runs, as long as its condition is met.

    That's what the "on" variable does.

    What it's saying is if "on" is equal to 1, then run.... to infinity.

    No need for an On loop here.

  • Well, that helps, but here (unless the person's computer is a couple of pieces of garbage slapped together), it definitely should load in under a minute at most. So... Thanks anyways.


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  • Why do you need loading text exactly?

  • ..... dramatic pause?

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