Not understanding Global objects well

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  • Greetings! Trying to learn things about Construct... I've looked on the wiki and played around with Construct itself, but i haven't been able to figure out the concept of a "global object template" (my definition).

    When I create a new sprite for a layout, it's in the object list. When I go to another layout, the objects all disappear, as if the objects list only lists the objects that live on that layout. But for example I want to create and configure an enemy and drag him into any layout.

    But I'm unsure how i can do this.

    Additionally, is there an object spawner type of object? I can configure it and put it on an object which it will clone and spawn on the map according to some parameters (script input function perhaps or a timer etc)

  • All objects can be accessed in every layout, its just that the object bar does not populate with those objects when a new layout is created. To get them to show up simply copy from the existing layout, and paste to the new.

    Also global simply means that the object's state will be persistent across all layouts, IE it's position, and variables at the end of the previously ran layout.

    Finally, most objects can "spawn" another object, or you can use the system to create an object at any time or position.

  • Thanks for clarifying. I was afraid of that. While the project list window shows me all objects, I cannot use that to add? I haven't been able to find a way to do that.

    The problem I foresee is that if I have 20 layouts and while making layout 21 I remember that I had created a cat in one of the layouts and now want it in my new layout, I would have to load each layout manually looking for it which could be a pain and easily missed.

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  • Yeah that is kind of an issue right now, but you just have to plan ahead a little, and going back to right click, copy, and paste shouldn't take too long.

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