How to not swap animation mid attack?

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  • Been working on my project for a good 8 hours now, can't figure out how to keep my animation from switching mid animation due to button input.

    And My run attack won't go off. I have my platform like so...

    (AWD - simulates movement now.)

    On Right Arrow Pressed - [Sub Cat(platform IS moving, platform IS on floor) RunAttack]

    [Other Sub(platform IS NOT moving, platform IS on floor) Kick]

    I'll post my code, but I currently don't know how

  • It would be best if you upload your .CAP to dropbox and post the link for us to take a look at. But here's my guess:

    Those conditions (player must be moving for a run attack to start) are only considered for when that Right Arrow button is pressed. Once it's pressed, and matches those conditions, your main animation is switched to the RunAttack animation and will continue to play regardless. There's no check afterwards to stop that animation from playing if the player is no longer moving, so it just keeps on playing.

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  • I'll definitely do that for when I get home for everyone to look at. I think what it is, is I have it set so that when run animation is playing, AND right attack button is pressed, do kick.. so now the kick only works when I hold in the run button.   I guesss I am just confused on the proper setup of actions and multi button moves.


    hopefully that works.   Use AWD to move when you press right arrow while hes moving hes supposed to do do a side kick. And if he's standing still, he's supposed to do another kick when you release right arrow. But instead he only does the kick while you hold Run

  • Ahhh, this seems to be a Construct 2 game? This is the forum for Construct Classic, and I have no experience with C2 I'm afraid. Try posting in this forum, and someone should be able to help you out: <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle">

  • Ah ok, thank you very much!

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