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  • "There is not enough video memory to open this frame editor. Please close some other editors and try again."

    I have 256Mb of video memory and my game has 2 frames, one with barely anything in it and one with plenty of things. I get the error message on startup when it loads 25% of frame 1(the basically empty frame) then construct crashes. So, here's the cap. If you could suggest anything for me to try or see if the cap works on your computer I would greatly appreciate it .

  • Your file is borked over here too, and since all my drivers and what-not are up to date, it seems that either your file got messed up, or it's a problem in Construct.

  • I have 768 mg and it crashes too after video memory warning.

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  • Well, thank you both very much for trying.

    Kinda put a LOT of work into it and all my backups do the same thing.

    I guess I'll use a much more careful method of backing up my files next time.

    There's 350-some odd events down the drain .

  • Well, now you know how to do stuff, so your next time will be faster, cleaner and neater.

  • I have a Radeon with 1gb of video memory and 3 gb of ram, my pc also says I'm running out of it.

    Save the files, aybe it will be solved on a newer release... have you tried an older one?

  • Odd. I wonder if it's got to do with some graphic set to be WAY too large, or just some weird bug...

    It crashes on attempting to load after the same message for me. I've got 1 Gigabyte of video ram.

  • Cloud: I use '84 so it wouldn't be compatible with an older version and I always keep files from failed or glitched projects. ya never know, right?

    Mipey: I can't remember half of the stuff. It would a pain to twice set up a colour block matching system that notes them kinda like... uh think Bejeweled but with five and they don't have to be in a horizontal or vertical row, one just has to be next to the other.

    Silent: I'd vote weird bug .

    Thank you all, I'm going to be way more careful with my backups .

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