Does noone else have Family problems?

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  • This is just a straight up question, because I never seem to be able to hear anyone else echo my problems.

    Whenever I add a family to my project, or try to use one in any way, events regarding it will screw up or just not work. Sometimes it seems like it references variables unique to this one enemy instead of the Family's variable, which isn't named the same or anything, it just picks it, and my latest re-attempt to add something using families just renders the events unexecutable; nothing happens at all.

    It's really starting to frustrate me as I've had to make really awkward code to get past it, and it's starting to clog my sheets up...

    I just want some reassurance this isn't just me, at the very least.

  • Ive had some issues with los behavior, and families. But no issues with variables... that are noticeable anyways.

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  • Just now I tried to really just set a variable by doing this:

    "Always --> Set Family variable to random(2)"

    and this actually now crashes my game.

  • Can you post the crashing .cap to the tracker?

  • I don't want to upload my game as I don't want to display it, and whenever I try to scale everything back to just what is used to create the bugs it starts working, so I have no clue...

    To stop the bug from happening at this particular instance in my development I have to remove an enemy using the family, but if I only remove the family from it the crash still happens, oddly. It will only stop when I remove that enemy.

    Adding to that, if I remove that enemy but add the family to other enemies it won't crash, but it sure won't work properly as it once again (this is the usual Family issue I have) it seems to intercept and try to use variables unique to that enemy, not the Family variables. Reordering the variables for that enemy doesn't help.

  • Hmm, I use families all the time without problems... The only bug I'm aware of is if you give a family behavior specific instructions, but not all members of the family have that behavior. Then again it shouldn't let you give those actions, but I recall the bug being somewhere along those lines, either with shaders or behaviors. Well, if it's getting too annoying, feel free to pm me the cap and i'll have a look. If you want to keep your game secret, then that's fine with me too. Also, make sure you pick a family member before giving actions to it. That's what I usually do and it works without problems.

  • Try creating a .cap from scratch doing only the stuff that's causing you trouble.

    You'll either figure out what was wrong or you'll arrive at an excellent example of a bug which you can then submit.

    Otherwise, the bug will just remain there.

  • 7 years later, but I feel like I must answer this, maybe someone else end up here and this may fix their problems.

    If you are having family issues like this, it seems variables dont work properly, or any of your enemies in the family starts to behave oddly, anwser this question: ¿Are you using Platform Behaviour in those enemies? If so, ¿are you sure all the enemies in the family have the same Player assigned? Try to change all your enemies to be Player 10 for example, and run the game.

    This happened to me in the past, I delete a bunch of code and chacters, and finally I fixed that by changing all enemies to the same Player

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