Noob trying not to sound too noobish with a file question

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  • Here's the skinny, first off, Construct is a great program, simple to use, and the community around it seems awesome. I've been looking into getting my ideas into my own game for a while and have even done some BASIC....basic programming. That being said, I've gone through one of the tutorials and learned the basics of events, actions, private variables, the layout editor, etc. but my question is when it comes down to the very end and it's time to actual layout your game for others to play, what file types can the game be saved as that Construct will support/can be loaded online. For example, can a game be made and then simply saved in Flash or Shockwave format or does it have to be Construct's specific file type?

    Thanks for the help in advance guys and I'm glad to be here finally

  • You export your final game to Windows EXE. That is the only option. There is no web player export.

    Some sites like GameJolt have a proprietary player that allows your EXE game to be loaded through their web interface, but it's basically a java wrapper for the EXE that gets downloaded into your browser's cache... I think.

  • Otherwise, I would just use Construct Classic for now and wait until Construct 2 is farther along, as it's main export is HTML5. The two programs are very similar so you shouldn't have too much trouble making the switch.

    And before you ask... no the two programs are not compatible so you can't port your CC projects to C2.

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  • That complicates things a tad bit. Hmm. Any recommendations for a solution for using those two types?

  • A solution to what problem exactly? If you mean that the two programs can't load each other's files, then there really isn't a solution.

    Since you're just starting out I would suggest just picking one and start learning how to use it. By the time you're ready to make a full game then C2 should be closer to a more useable state, as it's in beta right now.

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